Together, We Can Build A Lexington For Everyone

You may have seen the news:

There were NO homes built in 2021 under $200,000 that were available for the general public to purchase. [Source: Fayette PVA, August 2022]

Local companies being forced to locate in another county because there is almost no suitable land to expand jobs.

The city could be facing a budget deficit of as much as $17 million by 2024 as projections show revenues are not keeping pace with expenses and may need to increase taxes. [Source: Herald-Leader article, Jan. 29, 2020, referencing Mayor Gorton’s 2019 budget speech]

Proposed plans could triple the density in established neighborhoods.

Countless longtime East End residents are being displaced by gentrification.

But more importantly, you may have felt the impact on you or your family and wondered about the causes and what can be done.

Most people probably don’t realize that in Lexington, 70 percent of the land is designated rural. That means only 30 percent of land is eligible for most housing and job creation opportunities.

For too long, Lexington has been told that we must choose between protecting iconic horse farms and creating jobs and building homes at a variety of prices. Clearly, we can do both.

Let’s reject the false choice. Together, we can:

  • Create housing opportunities in all price ranges for all citizens in all phases of life.
  • Maintain a diverse and vibrant economy.
  • Ensure the creation of balanced, common-sense, practical local policies and regulations that do not pit one segment of our community against another.
  • Keep Lexington competitive for jobs and talent across all economic sectors.
  • Advance all of Lexington’s unique characteristics and cultural diversity.

Let’s build a Lexington for Everyone.

Lexington for Everyone
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