Statement on Recent Planning Commission Expansion Map Vote

“The Lexington For Everyone Board of Directors is deeply disappointed that a majority of Planning Commission members approved an expansion map that defies the overwhelming consensus of our elected Council. They have essentially chosen to bring in 20 percent fewer acres than the minimum amount our elected Council has mandated.    

These members ignored the expert direction from planning staff. They also disregarded the overwhelming agreement by the workgroup created by that same Planning Commission. The workgroup – made up of affordable housing developers, agriculture and horse farm owners, building and business representatives, and council and commission members  – spent weeks analyzing data and hearing from experts about where best to expand.  

The drastic reduction in new land undercuts the stability and well-being of our families and our community, where soaring home and rent prices have made it unaffordable for many Lexingtonians.

We urge Council members to maintain close scrutiny over the process to ensure it follows the law they passed and leads to a community that truly is a Lexington that provides opportunity and advancement for everyone.”