Contact Your Councilmember

Land use policies focused only on infill and redevelopment have had a negative impact on housing affordability, job creation, and equity in Lexington. Contact your Lexington councilmember and advocate for more balanced, common-sense policies that create a Lexington For Everyone. When council or mayoral candidates come to your door or you see them out and about at events, ask them what they plan to do to address housing affordability and gentrification in Fayette County.

If you aren’t sure who your Lexington-Fayette Urban County Councilmember is, you can VISIT THIS PAGE and type in your street address to find your council district.


COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Chuck Ellinger
COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Richard Moloney
DISTRICT 1: James Brown
DISTRICT 2: Josh McCurn
DISTRICT 3: Hannah LeGris
DISTRICT 4: Susan Lamb
DISTRICT 5: Liz Sheehan
DISTRICT 6: David Kloiber
DISTRICT 7: Preston Worley
DISTRICT 8: Fred Brown
DISTRICT 9: Whitney Baxter
DISTRICT 10: Amanda Mays Bledsoe
DISTRICT 11: Jennifer Reynolds
DISTRICT 12: Kathy Plomin

E-mail all councilmembers at